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Our Services (Fudo service)

We provide translation service for English, Japanese, and Thai. Our service is quick, accurate, and very helpful for your business.
Our tri-lingual team delivers excellenct quality on interpretation service. We help you come across language boundary while you can focus only on your business.
Co-ordinator / Consultation
We provide consultation service for business dealing between local firms and foreign firms. We help you to penetrate to Thailand market and also help local firms to be global business as well. Globalize your business with our premium service.
Training / Education
Have you ever feel that working style of local staffs do not match with global business culture? We provide education of Japanese working culture to your company to boost your global business in locals.


We provide immediate response. Customer is our first priority.


We provide premium quality service. Comfort and safe with our service.


We provide tri-lingual translation, interpretation and business supports.